I am currently a postdoc in the Department of Statistics at UW under the tutelage of Professor Elizabeth Thompson the President-Elect of the International Biometric Society.  Previously, I was a graduate student in the Department of Biomathematics at UCLA under Professor Kenneth Lange.

My research focuses on analyzing genetic data with my current work focusing on spatial structure.  Specifically, I am looking into using an organism’s genetic information to place them onto the geographic map.  For more information see my paper in Bioinformatics  on “Fast Spatial Ancestry via Flexible Allele Frequency Surfaces” and the associated R-package OriGen on R-forge.  Additionally I have done work on high dimensional spatial and network datasets using elements from graph theory (mainly random, weighted, or directed graphs), probability modeling, the Minorization-Maximization (MM) algorithm, and an extension of graph theory that I helped to develop called random multigraph theory.  For information on random multigraphs see my papers “A Poisson Model for Random Multigraphs” and also “Cluster and propensity based approximation of a network” with the associated R-package PropClust on cran.  Although my research has focused mainly on the analysis of genetic networks, including the Online Mendelian Inheritance of ManBioGRID, and Human Protein Reference Databases, it is applicable to many areas.  Among others, I have analyzed datasets in literature, business, social networks, disease relationships, and money flow.

I am also interested in optimization, algorithms, parallel computing using GPU’s, and computational and statistical genetics.

My postdoc is set to end no later than December 2015 and I am looking for a job in Statistical Genetics, Computational Genetics, Biostatistics, Bioinformatics, or Computational Biology around Portland, OR or Seattle, WA.  If you have a job opening or would like more information on my research please feel free to contact me or see my Curriculum Vitae.  Thank you!

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