1. Ranola J, Langfelder P, Lange K, and Horvath S.  Cluster and propensity based approximation of a network.  BMC Systems Biology 2013; 7:21.
  2. Ranola JM, Ahn S, Sehl M, Smith DJ, and Lange K.  A Poisson model for random multigraphs. BMC Bioinformatics 2010; 26(16):2004-11.
  3. Ranola J, Tobalske B, Warrick D, and Powers D.  Circulation in the wake of the flying hummingbird: Effects of thresholding and vortex decay.  Int. Comp. Biol., 45, 1181.
  4. Harris S, Paullet J, Previte J, and Ranola J.  A Lotka-Volterra four-species food chain. In progress.
  5. Love D, Neal K, and Ranola J.  The Smale conjecture. In progress.


  1. WNAR/IMS Student Paper Competition Speaker Spring 2013.
  2. Biomathematics 210:Optimization Guest Speaker Spring 2009.
  3. Systems and Integrative Biology retreat speaker Winter 2009.
  4. Biomathematics 206:Mathematical Oncology Guest Speaker Winter 2008.
  5. Systems and Integrative Biology retreat speaker Winter 2007.
  6. Student speaker for Mathematical Association of America Northwest Regional Meeting Spring 2005.
  7. Student presenter for the Society of Integrative and Comparative Biology Annual Meeting Winter 2006.
  8. Student speaker for the 14th regional conference on undergraduate research of the Murdock College Science Research Program Fall 2005.
  9. Student speaker for the Portland Area Undergraduate Mathematics Conference Spring 2005.

Research Experience

  1. Directed Research in Optimization and Probability models under Dr. Ken Lange at the University of California Los Angeles.
  2. Directed Research in Mathematical Oncology under Dr. Carol Newton at the University of California Los Angeles.
  3. REU:Mathematics of Flight at Kansas State University.
  4. Murdock Internship in Biomechanics at the University of Portland.
  5. REU:Mathematical Biology at Penn State Erie.

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